This email isn’t about fat people.

So before you unsubscribe let me explain…

The fat b***h I’m talking about is actually…

…Drum roll please….

A sandwich.

That’s right.

But don’t worry, I was also surprised when I first heard about the fat b***h sandwich.

There’s a genius marketing lesson here I’ll get to in a minute…

But first the story:

I’m from New Jersey. So that means there are thousands of pizza places everywhere.

And 99% of them are amazing and have been family-owned for +25 years.

So competition is fierce

But there’s one pizza shop that sticks out. And has a line around the building ALL DAY. This little old pizza shop gets more sales than the other shops.


The fat b***h

So what’s on this holy marvel of a sandwich?

Buckle up because it’s time to blow your mind (and maybe your heart).

The fat b***h has:

-Chicken fingers
-And onion rings on it.

It’s a heart attack and orgasm between two buns (pardon the pun LOL).

Anyway, what’s shocking isn’t the dietary nightmare that’s the sandwich.

No No…

The shocking thing is the genius of the name fat b****h. Because it’s so wild everyone talks about it.

And that takes advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth most powerful and oldest form of marketing there is.

You see Reader, whenever someone visits a friend or family in New Jersey…

One of the first questions they’re asked is:

“Have you ever had a fat b***h”?

The response is always a surprise, followed by an explanation that the fat b***h is a sandwich.

And of course, the next step is a trip to the pizza place to try a fat b***h.

Followed by a selfie tagging the pizza place saying:

“I just got a fat b***h”

So what does this have to do with you?

Here’s the deal…

The next time you name a product, course, community, newsletter…

Name it something taboo, that shocks the senses, and creates a sense of mystery.

A mystery that people must solve and share with their friends.

Catch ya soon,

Parker “I really wanna fat b***h” Worth.


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