Alright, let’s cut the crap.

Have you ever thought living a boring life was a bad thing?


Emily Dickinson, 138 years after her death is still one of the most famous poets OF ALL TIME…

So here’s the truth about Emily Dickinson (Hint: your English teacher lied to you)…

Emily lived a boring life in one of the most boring times to be alive.

So picture this:

Horse-drawn carriages, rural farmhouses with no electricity, and or course zero social media…

Not quite the setting for one of the most famous writers of all time, right?


And compared to today, there wasn’t a lot happening…

There wasn’t skydiving, Instagram influencing, NASCAR racing…

…you get the point.

But the cool thing about Emily Dickinson is that she was a homebody.

She sat in her house for decades, wrote +1800 poems, and had a tiny social circle.

What’s even crazier?

Most of her works weren’t published while she was alive.

So she didn’t get rewarded for any of her work.

She didn’t have LinkedIn or X to verify whether society liked her work or not.

Emily just pumped out amazing writing while reflecting on her inner conflicts.

So here’s the lesson for you Reader…

Your life doesn’t have to be an adrenaline-fueled rampage to inspire others.

Dickinson’s legacy proves that you can mine real gold from your own experience.

Your experience may seem boring, but it has value.

So consider this:

One of my best-performing email stories was about locking the keys inside my house.

A conflict everyone has experienced.

You’ve got stories worth telling because they’re yours, not because they’re flashy.

And in a world obsessed with the superficial, being authentic is your secret weapon.

So, what never to do when sharing your stories?

Stop trying to impress with the life you think people want to see.

And share the day-by-day stuff.

Because what’s real is what matters…

Catch ya on the flip side,



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