Here’s one of those juicy, always forgotten yet obvious story tips…

… that most creators won’t share with you (‘cause they’re greedy).

Here’s the answer…

…You’re a young digital marketer.

And your goal:

To grow an audience, monetize, and take over the world.

But you’ve got a problem.

You’re struggling to grow, build trust, and get people to purchase your products.

So you do what millions of other humans do.

Go to Starbucks.

But get this…

…you aren’t there for the coffee.

You’re there for the environment.


Because you notice something…

…a lot of things actually.

-Friendly baristas
-The familiar faces
-The regular customers

And this important part:

The community.

You don’t have to be a freaking Einstein to realize that the same people go to the same Starbucks everyday!


It’s not the coffee that brings the sense of belonging.

It’s the consistency.

No matter where you go you experience the same:
-And if you’re lucky…pumpkin spice lattes.

Heck…even in Brazil I walk 30 minutes to Starbucks because it’s my little slice of America.

It feels like:
-A cozy blanket.
-A fresh pair of socks (nothing better imo).

And you realize that one of the most potent subliminal human desires is…

…drum roll please.


Starbucks is predictable and safe – no matter where you go.

Sure coffee is awesome (I’m an addict), but the sense of belonging is POWERFUL.

So it’s no secret that people find working at (not for) Starbucks helps:
-Meetings with clients



Studies show a familiar environment calms people.

And when people are calm they are more creative.

So here’s a story lesson for you Reader:

Starbucks builds trust and familiarity with consistency.

The brand grows because of the stories people tell of their experiences at Starbucks.

Whether it’s:
-Or the sweet delicious taste of pumpkin spice lattes (I’m an addict).

Anyway here’s how you can use this lesson to grow your following:


I stick out on social media because I have a neck tattoo.

I highly recommend going to your nearest tattoo shop and getting one (JK seriously please don’t).

Style can be expressed through: -An eyepatch. -Bright background colors. -Professional profile picture with a casual picture of you in the banner.

And of course your writing.


Showing up and posting at the same time every day for 15 months earned me +34,000 followers.

It’s cliche, but it works.

Justin Welsh has +1,000,000 followers because he’s been showing up every day for 5 years.

In Justin’s words:

“Think decades-long”

Catch Phrase.

This is my favorite. Think about these people:

Kieran Drew – OnlyFans Erica Schneider – Antibro Eddy Quan – Watermelon

And they’ve all gone viral for these inside jokes/catchphrases.

Consistently sending these inside jokes builds recognition (plus a few laughs).

Make friends.

Who will promote your content and products?

Your friends.

Mr.Beast had a tribe who would brainstorm together and all reached millions of subscribers.

Showing up and supporting your homies creates a crew.

A crew that breeds familiarity.

Create a sense of community.

Create a discord, cohort, telegram channel,

Or if you’re old school like me…

…an army of carrier pigeons sending secret notes (KIDDING AGAIN).

Anyway create a space where people can: -Edit and improve content -Share ideas and insights -Give updates

Use the 5 tactics, add some time, and a little elbow grease…

…the results will surprise you.


The more engaged you are – the more you’ll be trusted.

And in a world filled with noise…

…Your familiar voice is your strongest asset.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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