Attention is the new currency right?


I see this crap advice floating around the internet like a toilet boil…

…And frankly it makes me sick.

Anyway I’m here to flush that advice and give you a super cool trick to make your reader beg you for more content…

But first…

Here’s why chasing attention is like putting your foot in a bear trap. When you chase attention it leads to click baity tactics. People notice you for like 10 seconds then peace the ferk out.

My point?

Chasing attention has a low return on investment. You just chase trends and make little to no money. Bad strategy.

So what’s the fix?


I want to preach this lesson from the rooftops and slap this quote on my tombstone because it’s SO important.

“You are not in the attention grabbing business. You are in the emotional delivery business”

People want to feel….

They don’t want someone to steal their attention for 5 seconds. And humans even with the connection of the internet feel more disconnected than ever. That’s why you need to bring the emotional kung fu fury to your writing.

Now I know what you’re thinking Reader…

“Isn’t creating emotional content hard?”


2 strikes. One more strike and you’re out of this ball game. So pull up a chair and listen very closely to this trick I’m about to show you.

Because it’s so simple and so powerful that you’ll be the king pin emotions dealer of the internet.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this…

Start by finishing one of the sentences….

I felt sad because…
I felt sick because…
I felt jealous because…
I felt embarrassed because…
I felt happy because…
I feel grateful because…
I felt proud because…

Example – I felt sick because of this bad advice on the internet.

Then simply add a start, middle, and end.

Start – Last week I felt sick because of this bad advice on the internet.

Middle – Everyone’s saying attention is the new currency.

End – But now I feel grateful because I can show my reader’s why that’s wrong…

It’s that simple….

…Now there is a lot more bread and butter to emotional delivery. But this trick is meat and cheese in the middle of that bread and butter.

Yum. Delicious.

BUT by feeling something while you write. You are literally transferring the energy.

So my advice to you whether you’re writing content, emails, or creating videos…

…Is to finish a sentence like the one above. AND FEEL when you’re creating.

Reply with your stories.

I can’t respond to every email but I do read everyone.

Catch ya soon,


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