Does the word “research” freak you out?

Or does the word research give you flashbacks of school?

You know the…

After school freedom hijacked by homework?…


Trust me I get it.

I hated researching.

Homework and I were like oil and water (one of the many reasons I dropped out of high school LOL).

I also know that “research” isn’t sexy.

In fact, it’s the least sexy thing I could ever teach.

But you want to know the part of research that is sexy? It’s the part that tells you…

“Hey Reader tons of people are going to buy this. You can build it and GET PAID”

So pull up a chair and listen closely. Because what I’m about to tell you is what separates broke creators from millionaire creators…


Millionaire creators know that research is about validation…

…And validation is sexy.

I’ll explain…

Inside the Mad Scientist Research Course…

…I give you the exact template I use to email my list.

And make people say “yes I’d buy that”. When I see 100 responses saying “yes I’d buy that” it’s sexy.


Those responses give me a HUGE dopamine hit. Because I know if I build this people will pay.

Imagine knowing your product will sell before you even launch or build it?

Now picture launching without this step and watching your investment crumble. Scary right?Look 99% of creators launch products that flop.

This course ensures you’re in the successful 1%.

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