Ever tried charming a snake with jazz music?

I haven’t either.

But if I had to guess, it probably doesn’t work. And I sure as h3ll wouldn’t want to find out…

…You see that’s the problem with cold DMs.


Let me explain…

Creators and freelancers will send 100s DMs a day and pray their offer will jazz up a client. Only to get bitten over and over again…

…And what’s worse than a make believe cobra bite?

Instead of getting someone to pay you…

…You follow up with more DMs”

“Hey, just bumping this up”


Then you get bitten again and forever ruin the chance of getting paid from each person you message. You’re remembered as the desperate buffoon spamming people with jazz that no one wants…

Sad but true.

The WORST way to get new clients is by spamming DMs.

So what’s the best way to get clients? I’ll get there in a second. First flush your DM strategy down the toilet and imagine getting clients effortlessly (but get this wrong, and you could end up more ignored than ever)…

…What if clients came looking for you instead?

How would your life change?

Too good to be true? Think again.

Here’s the deal…

…I used to suck at getting clients. And I was the desperate bag of douche spamming DMs praying to a high ticket client.

…Only to get bitten over and over.

But something changed…

…And now I have a client magnet. I don’t worry about leads..

The change?

It’s called the “Client Acquisition Book” by 7 figure Copywriter Chris Orzy. With this book I was able to destroy the feast or famine cycle so many freelancers and creators face.

The crazy part?

This book is only $20. Yep. A tiny price for a book packed with strategies to make clients come calling. So are you ready to turn the tables and have clients jazz up your inbox for a change?

The best way to get clients come to you:

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Catch ya soon,



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