I’m going to hit you with a truth bomb you’ll either love or hate me for.

So let’s talk about the most important thing in the world (after good beer and a decent night’s sleep, of course)…

…Cold, hard cash.

The last two months have been my most profitable ever…

…But it’s been awful.

14 hour days? Check.

Getting fat and looking like a wrinkled bag of chips. Absolutely.

You see Reader…

I went full hamster. Like spinning myself on a wheel for something I didn’t even realize I was chasing…


I had a phone call with my mentor Ian Stanley.

You know, the kind of phone call that flips your whole world upside down?

Yeah one of those.

Look I pay a lot for this mentorship, but what Ian dropped on me was worth every penny and then some. He gave me peace of mind, more money, and more time.

Now I’m usually not one to spill secrets…

But keeping this to myself just feels wrong. Especially when I think about you potentially turning into a cranky, wrinkled bag of chips like I was.

So I’ll spill the beans for ya:

I earned most of my income from maintenance money.

Freelance writing and ghostwriting.

The good thing about maintenance money is that it pays the bills.

But that’s it.

Maintenance money is a job.

See, the problem with maintenance money is it’s a dead end.

It’s like that treadmill at the gym – sure, you get a workout, but you’re going nowhere fast.

Even worse?

You now have to manage the people you hire. No fun. No bueno.

So I spent a ridiculous amount of time writing for other people and not increasing my income.

The solution?

Money later.

Money later comes from income sources like subscription communities, products, and affiliates.

These income sources have infinite upsides because they’re leveraged.

Which means the same amount of work will get you more and more money later.

So I spent too much time low leverage high expense maintenance money income.

Thus, I became a cranky old bag of chips. I was spinning my tires to make the same money.

Enter Ian:

The man has a way of delivering blunt truths that make you want to hug him and punch him in the face at the same time.

He told me I was dumb. And to be smart I had to kill the golden goose that was giving me the highest portion of my income.

Ghostwriting and freelance writing.

So, I ripped the bandaid off.

Ditched the clients, said sayonara to freelance gigs, and went all in on money later.


Not anymore.

The money’s out there. And it’s looking to find you. You just have to look at it right. Remember:

Perception is reality.

Here’s the bottom line:

What you repeatedly do defines you.

Stuck in the maintenance money hamster wheel?

You’re a hamster.

Want financial freedom? Build those money later streams.

Where are your income streams at? Reply to this email. I want to help.

That’s all I got for today,



Ditching the scarcity mindset is hard. It’s the fear of failure and going broke. Embracing the abundance mindset is hard too. It’s seeing money all around and its desire to find you.

Ian’s mediation has helped me make this quantum mental shift. And will help you do the same.

>>>Click here to check it out (I can’t believe it’s free)