You think everyone needs a coach to succeed?

Think again…

…Let me tell you about my old coach “Steve” who gained 8,000 followers from one thread…

…Then quit a few months later.


Since Steve could get attention on social like Brittney Spears in the 2000s…

…Steve should’ve been making serious money right?


In fact, the only money Steve made online was from the coaching he gave me for a month:


So why am I telling you this?

I’ll get their in a second. But what I’m about to tell you will save you and your online biz dreams from this real world nightmare.

Let me explain…

When Steve got to 70,000 followers he tried to launch an app called “the Twitter Toolbox”…

The truth about gaining followers without validating your market?

HINT: You’ll build a business no one wants. Steve’s “Twitter Toolbox” was a harsh lesson in this reality.

So what happened to Steve?

He quit. And no one’s heard from him since. I still wonder what happened Steve.

Here’s my point:

99% of creators try to build a skyscraper without a foundation. Then when those creators try to sell …

…Those creators fail and realize they’ve wasted years of hard work. Imagine spending years of your life to build something that doesn’t make money?

It’s a brutal reality.

This happened to me with blogging and podcasting. Steve quitting and going back to his job is the thing that might’ve almost happened to me…

But if you have have a computer and access to the internet…

…Then you’re already equipped to avoid Steve’s fate.

I made a system to validate every piece of content, business idea, and product in less than one hour.

There are millions of people trying to start an online business but only 1% will monetize.

Learn how research and validate your products and content FAST with the Mad Scientist Research Course:

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Catch ya soon,