This could be taken as an oversimplification…

…but I believe there is one main reason why business owners and creators aren’t making as much money as they should. (And why you’re working WAY too much.)

Here’s the story…

So in 1841 rural Scotland, there was a poor boy who had rabbits.

But as famine spread the young boy had a problem with his rabbits.

He couldn’t afford to feed them…

Under pressure to save his beloved rabbits, the boy had a breakthrough that would change the course of history.


Let me explain…

The boy would let the other neighborhood kids name his rabbits…

…And in exchange the kids would have to feed the rabbits every day.

You see Reader, by giving the kids a sense of ownership he was not only able to feed his rabbits…

…but breed them and sell them.

So who was this boy?

Andrew Carnegie.

The man who became one of the wealthiest people on Earth by revolutionizing the steel industry.

And the “rabbit naming hack”?

Carnegie used that hack to give others a sense of ownership by creating partnerships with his competition.

Carnegie would buy his competitors out (for a steal LOL) by letting his competitors name new companies.

So how can you use this rabbit naming hack?


Tell your audience you’re launching a new product.

Then ask your audience to name the product.

This will make your audience feel a sense of ownership. Like they helped make the product which almost…

…guarantees more sales.

So instead of worrying about what to name your product or finding your audience’s problems…

Just ask them.

That’s just one way to use the rabbit naming hack.

I have many other secret tricks to using storytelling to persuade people to buy inside my community…

The Society of Storytellers.

The doors reopen in 2 weeks.

I can’t wait to see you inside,