My date and I found ourselves stranded at 1:00 a.m. right outside my apartment in that “not-so-cozy” part of town.

That’s not all…

…It was pissing rain.

Soaked to the bone, desperate, and heart racing, I thought:

“How can I change this situation?”

But before I give you the answer…

…Let me explain how I got into this mess.

I went on a date with the most BEAUTIFUL woman I had ever seen.

Way outta my league, huge eyes, long black hair, and a quick wit that had me laughing every second.

And I was nervous like someone with food poisoning on an airplane.


You know the cure for dating anxiety right?

Tequila. Oh boy, tequila.

And as the night went on, the drinks, stories, and chuckles flowed freely.

Have you ever had a moment where you feel like you’ve won the lottery?

Well just like a person who wins the lottery, goes broke, and wishes they had never won…

…I was stranded outside my apartment in the pissing rain.

“How could this get any worse?” I thought.

I looked at my date who told me:

“I have to pee.” – lol

That stakes couldn’t have been higher.

Now, if you’ve read my past stories, you’ll know I’ve faced some sticky situations in business and life.

This was my moment. A challenge.

But how?

Light bulb moment!

I told my date to go to the nearest bar to pick up drinks and use the bathroom.

Next, I stood at the apartment entrance, blending into the night, looking like a ghost.


Because when someone arrived at the entrance…

…And I snuck in behind them.

As my date arrived to see smiling inside the building,

She responded with the biggest glowing smile..

The night was saved.

And here is where I share the lesson to make you a better storyteller:

Make your story relatable.

Look Reader:

We’ve all had situations that go wrong. And by opening with stuff like fear, or distress, you show a human side that makes people curious to read on.

You can even increase the stakes to build anticipation – like my date needing to pee.

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Thanks for reading this and…

Catch ya on the flip side,



Do you have any bad date stories?

Drop them here! I’d love read them.