This could be taken as an over simplification…

…but there is ONE reason why most entrepreneurs quit their mission to financial freedom.

And WHY it all comes down to your mindset.

Here’s an inspiring story that will destroy any self doubt you are feeling…

And help you make today your b*tch…

65 years ago, an Indian coal miner named Dashrath experienced something tragic. It would drive most people insane or to prison. Myself included.

But Dashrath was no ordinary human being…

Let me explain…

While waiting in the mountains for his wife Falguni to deliver lunch. Dashrath knew something was wrong. Because his wife never showed up.

And Dashrath was right.

Because Dashrath went down the mountain and found Falguni mangled at the bottom of a cliff.

What’s worse?

Dashrath’s wife was pregnant.

Next, Dashrath picked up his wife who was still breathing. But things went from bad to worse fast.

The nearest hospital was 40 miles away. That didn’t stop Dashrath from carrying his wife to the hospital.

But as Dashrath struggled to inhale the thin mountain air…

…His wife released her last exhale.

Now before I tell you what happens next…

This is obviously one of the worst things that can happen to a human being.

What’s not obvious?

That most of us would become drunks, addicts, or end up in prison if we ever experienced this. I know I would.

So Dashrath went crazy right?

Kind of…

Dashrath went crazy in the best way possible.

Here’s what happened…

The soundtrack that played in Dashraths head for the next 22 years was the clanking of a hammer smashing a chisel…


Because instead of blaming society for his fate. Dashrath took action. With bloody hands and torn flesh, Dashrath beat the crap out of the mountain. Everyday. For 22 years.

“Am I crazy?” Dashrath must’ve thought.

Imagine how many times he wanted to give up.

Especially everyday while villagers passed him and called him crazy…

So here’s the inspirational lesson for you Reader. Dashrath knew his “why”. He never wanted anyone in his village to feel the pain he went through. This kept him hammering.

Knowing your “why” is how you build a mind of steel.

And after 22 years of self doubt, bleeding limbs, tears, and sweat. Dashrath got the biggest dopamine hit a human could ever get.

How come?

Dashrath carved a 110 meter long path through a mountain with hand tools. A path long and wide enough for his entire village to use. Giving them faster access to medical care.

So here’s the deal…

I am writing this to inspire you, but I’m also writing this for myself.

I don’t have Dashrath’s problems. But, I still struggle with thoughts of quitting. . I forget my “why” which is to make enough money to retire my family. And when I forget my “why” I think about quitting.

Dashrath reminds me that my problems aren’t bad, and that if I keep hammering at anything in my path for 20 years…

…Something great will happen not just for me, but for my family and society as well.

So reply here and let me know your “why”

Let’s hold each other accountable and help each other chisel away at whatever mountain is in our path.

All the best,



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