A reply from an email subscriber:

“I’m struggling to define my audience and their emotional pain points.

I want into tap into the psychological aspects in my storytelling that make them want to like, know and trust me.”

Sound familiar?

The bad news is that this subscriber is struggling.

The good news?

This subscriber in on the right track. The subscriber knows the importance of emotional pain points.

But that’s hard to find right? Kind of like how it’s hard to find rocket fuel on the moon?

Enter moon dust.

Business, marketing, writing, and content is A LOT like moon dust…

In fact, they’re practically the same thing.

I know what you’re thinking…

…”Parker that doesn’t make sense have you gone insane?”

The jokes on you Reader. I’ve always been crazy.

Crazy enough to figure out how moon dust fuel will help you. It will help you define your audience and their pain…

So clean your ears and listen closely…

Moon dust samples have shown this. According to ScienceDaily, it can be used to make rocket fuel. What does this have to do with your audience and pain points?


Humans have been gazing at the moon pretty much since we could lift our heads. We’ve walked on it, poked it, and studied for about 60 years, thinking it was just a big dusty ball in the sky.


You put that moon dust under a microscope and discover something….

…Substances in moon dust can be processed to create methane and methanol. . AKA ROCKET FUEL.

Just like business, marketing, writing, and content…

Where there are endless problems and pain points waiting for you to capitalize on…

…Those problems and pain points can be hard to find.

Until you do the research.

How on Earth does this relate to moon dust?

Let me explain…

Moon dust seems like just space dust. But when you take the moon dust and put it in a lab. Run experiments and study it…

Well you’ve struck space gold.

That’s what you have to do to define your audience and their emotional pain points.

On the surface, the internet is like the moon. But when you learn how to research you find out that their is rocket fuel for your business.

The truth about identifying audience pain points that no one is talking about?

Most methods are surface-level at best. They blame the tools, but I’ll show you it’s how you use them that counts…

The truth about business and marketing research?

It’s not about the data you collect, but how you interpret it. And most get this wrong. I’ll show you exactly how to define your audience and their emotional pain points…

…And tap into psychological aspects of your target customer or audience to make them fall in love with you…

On Tuesday June 25th, when I release the “Mad Scientist Research Course”

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