Here’s one of those super-cool advanced story tips…

… that most professionals


Share with you (cuz they’re selfish bastards).


Here it is:

The big secret behind the most


stories in history…

…is that they all have just

one thing in common:

Let me exlplain…

In soccer, the team that holds possession of the ball wins the most games…

…With stories the writer who catches and holds attention the longest makes the most money.

Stories may not seem similar to soccer but the principles are the same.

You see Reader, both have “big wins”. In soccer, most people want to improve their shooting. They think that has the most impact on improving their game.

However, it’s the time of possession that truly decides who wins. By focusing on your first touch and maintaining possession of the ball you will increase your odds of winning than by focusing on any aspect of the game.

If Lionel Messi didn’t focus on receiving and maintaining possession of the ball he wouldn’t be the most famous player of all time.

In storytelling, you have to find how to “maintain possession” of the reader’s focus. That’s the 20% of writing that gives you 80% of the results.

Since 2 factors make up 80% of your story’s success with your audience…

…it’s easy to “maintain possession”. If you don’t focus on this 80% you may as well use a litter box instead of a toilet.

It’s all about finding high-leverage points or “big wins”.

That gives you success in any field.

Focusing on the “details” is great…

…after you focus on the big wins.

So what are the “big wins”?

1.) Conflict
2.) The lesson

These 2 factors make up 80% of your reader’s decision to keep engaging. The biggest problem is that if you ignore the 80% it doesn’t matter what you say or how “good” your writing is.

Unfortunately most “digital writers” never address this lesson.

So how can you use this information?


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No matter what you do focus on the idea of “big wins”

Catch ya on the flip side,