How you do anything is how you do everything.

Maybe you’ve heard that saying before.

Maybe you haven’t.

Either way, It’s a powerful statement.

But how do you implement it into your daily life?

It involves gardening…

17 months ago I started writing online. And let me tell ya ReaderI was dumber than a rock at a spelling bee.

How come?

My writing sucked, I couldn’t communicate my ideas, and my network?

I only engaged with the cute puppy video accounts (don’t judge me).

But there’s a twist.

I didn’t realize that this embarrassing beginning was planting the seeds for a future in digital marketing.

Let me explain…

Digital marketing is complex and consists of…

-Paid ads
-Organic traffic
-Video production
-And tons of other s**t

What if I told you that you can take something as complex as digital marketing and make it simple?

The secret lies in a fun analogy:


You see digital marketing is just like gardening.


When you look at gardening as a newbie it’s intimidating.

-Plant stress
-Plant types etc…

Gardening is simple.

Knowing the plant is the key. It’s just knowing how much water and sunlight that plant needs each day.

That’s the same principle as digital marketing.

Consistent communication with your audience is like watering a plant every day.

So how do you “water” your audience and help them grow?

Storytelling of course.

Storytelling has earned me $10,000s+, 40,000+ followers, and allowed me to live anywhere I want. Storytelling took me from a nobody to a somebody online.

And I have a secret story formula for telling stories that make people fall in love with you.

The formula?

That’s what I’ll share with you inside the Society of Storytellers.

The doors open on January 1st. And people are loving it.

See you soon,