What to never do when you run a business and why. (If you get this wrong you’ll lose a lot of money)

Last Thursday, I learned a business lesson from two surprising sources: My accountant, and a startup founder. It was the same lesson, but the difference between them was shocking – customer care.

Let me explain.

I’d hired both for different reasons.

Last week, I learned a lesson from an accountant and a startup founder. This lesson gave me deep insights into the business world.


I hired both companies for different reasons.

The accounting firm was hired for tax purposes (obviously) and the software startup was a company named Tella which screen records videos, has AI editing capabilities, and so on…


I had a huge problem with the accounting firm.

The onboarding questionnaire was 100s of questions long and used technical language only a CPA could understand, and that’s not the worst part…

…the worst part was that when I asked for a phone call for help with the questionnaire the response was:

“Just send us a Google doc with the screenshots and questions.”

You think an accounting firm would know a thing or two about customer service right? WRONG!

Therefore the firm that I was paying $1,000s with had me do hours of work…but the firm wouldn’t give me the time of day for a phone call.

Then Tella showed me the easiest way to make people fall in love with you…

…When I emailed Tella about a problem I was on a video call with their FOUNDER in less than an hour.

What’s the lesson here?

If you want to succeed in biz online or offline you need to do one thing:

Under promise and over-deliver.

And a deep shift happens when you deliver something so powerful that people will give you money not once not twice but for their entire lives!

You see the founder of Tella and I became friends.

Because when we met we shared our stories…

…And made a connection by discussing the struggles of growing a biz online. Therefore, we began to build trust and deepen our relationships.

So how do you overdeliver to your audience or customers?

Give me 10seconds and I’ll teach you how to make a superfans:

Get personal.

You have to get on calls with struggling customers, send gratitude videos, and congratulate them on their wins.

As my friend Kieran Drew says – you have to do the things that don’t scale.

Keep this in mind when you want to ignore people asking for help.

Catch ya on the flip side,



In the age of AI, it’s more important than ever to be personable and stand out.

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