Here’s a question that stumps many newbie and struggling freelance writers…

…but NEVER the old streetwise pros…


Here it is:

What is more important — the medium or the message?

This is the invisible wall between you and your next client. It’s like screaming with a megaphone but everyone is wearing earplugs. It’s what happens when you screw up and approach potential clients the WRONG WAY…

Your DMs or cold emails might be perfect…

…You can have snappy headlines and call-to-actions that’d make Kim Kardashian blush…

…Yet it doesn’t work.


This is where I answer the question. The medium is more important than the message. If you’re on the wrong platform you might as well be shouting for water in the desert.


Let me explain how we can flip this frustrating scene into a client attracting oasis. Instead of being a guppy in a lake filled with ravenous blood thirsty sharks…

…Why not be the only shark in the pond?


By being the only one with your offer on the platform. Here’s an example:

Instead of being one of the million ghostwriters DMing poor folks on LinkedIn and X and saying: “Do YoU NeEd A GhOsTwRiTeR?…

…Go to a small Facebook group for CEOs and post content about the power of building personal brands. And BAM. You have zero competition. Then you become the only shark in the pond…

Cool trick right?

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