I don’t know where you’re at in your career right now…

…but if you write stories (or want to) then you should read this.

See, most creators will never go viral because they give up.

So if this story doesn’t inspire you (nothing will)…

10 years ago a man struggled to be a comedian…

Even worse he struggled to support his family.

Imagine the pain of balancing your biggest dream and feeding your family…

The stress.
The shame.
The pressure to give up.

This man almost got his big break when Joe Rogan invited him on a comedy tour…

Only to get cut from the tour at the last minute.

It seemed like this dream would never come true.

Until it did.

This man changed comedy forever.

Here’s what happened…

The man went on stage in New Jersey and told a hilarious story.

An audience member recorded the story and posted it on Facebook.

Guess what happened next?

It went viral.

Millions and millions of people watched this story.

Soon the struggling man went from scraping by to selling out arenas for his comedy shows…

All because of the power of one good story…

So who one this man?

Bert Kreischer.

And the story?

The machine.

If you’re not familiar with Bert I highly suggest you watch the story here.

It’s hilarious.

Not only did Bert’s life change from one story.

But he tells the same story at every show. Over and over again.

So why am I telling you this Reader?

Because I shared my personal story on X and my life changed.

The same thing happened to Kieran Drew and Adi Verma.

And the cool part?

We reuse these stories on LinkedIn and in email.

The same story goes viral over and over.

That’s the power of one good story.

And that’s why I’m opening one last spot for my mentorship.

Because everyone should experience the power of their story.

Now I can’t take on more than one person.

And it’s not cheap either.

If you’re interested reply to this email “mentor”

And I’ll ask you some questions to see if you’re a good fit.

Catch ya on the flip side,


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