Yo Reader,

Today’s message is for storytellers.

It’s back to the basics to feed your brain on what might be another ordinary Thursday…


I walked into a cafe with one intention:

Buying a donut.

But things got weird…

Let me explain…

A rich smell of coffee and smooth jazz filled the air.

Created a relaxing atmosphere…


Suddenly, the room’s energy shifted.

I looked next to me.

Next to me stood a guy invading my bubble and reeking of stale cigarettes.

But check this out:

The dude had dollar signs—yeah, you read that right—$$$ tattooed all over his face.

He looked into my eyes without a soul behind them.

And then?

A deep angry exhale.

The room was tense – you could cut the tension with a knife.

But when he looked at me, I wasn’t paralyzed by fear.


My eyes were too busy playing connect-the-dots with his face tats.

He pointed to a danish at the counter…

…while using a vice-like grip on my shoulder.

The staff watched and anxiety continued to rise.

But I started laughing.


I couldn’t get over the fact that a man with $$$$$$$ (that’s right 7 of them) tattooed all over his face was trying to intimidate me to buy a danish.

(Laughter is the ultimate power move. btw)

$$$$$$$ fled the scene.

Here’s where the lesson comes in:

The best stories – the ones that people pay you for…

..Come from the trenches.

That’s right – the front freaking lines.

Imagine this:

If Warren Buffett got $$$$$$$ tattooed on his face – you’d respect him.


Cause he straight-up earned those bad boys.


Fake it ‘til you make it is B.S.

So instead of pretending – take some risks.

Start a side hustle, travel, or tell your boss he’s an asshole.

Share your goals and make bold moves online.

These are what I call “journey stories”

Here’s how to tell journey stories to excite your audience:

1. ) Share your goals:

5 months ago I posted that I quit my job and moved to Brazil.

The amount of support and DMs was overwhelming.

I also shared my plan to make $10,000 a month by December.

The bold claim allowed people to live vicariously through my story – creating empathy

So what’re you waiting for?

Make a bold claim online and stick to it.

Share wins, goals, losses, mistakes, and lessons.

2.) Stick to the basics:

The biggest mistake I made was always telling “over-the-top” stories.

Every good journey story begins with a normal situation.

Writing about the best and worst things that happened to you each day makes your story relatable.

And remember:

A story that’s relatable turns followers into fans.


The simple act of going to buy a donut leads to an unexpected encounter.

Write about ordinary events that didn’t go as planned.

3.) Reveal Your Feelings:

Don’t just talk about events.

Share how you felt in the moment.

Example – Counting dollar signs rather than reacting in fear paints a picture of humor around tension.

Posting about how you felt on the journey deepens the relationship between you and your audience.

Peace out,



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