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A mentor can save you time and make you money.

But today we will discuss the dark side of mentors.

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Let’s dive in:

It felt like winning the lottery and then losing it all.

Do you know the feeling?

Something amazing happens then it turns into a curse.


  • A high-income job that steals your time.
  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend that’s amazing in bed but they’re bat shit crazy.

Here’s the deal:

I struck gold (or so I thought).

I had a millionaire mentor.

Let’s call him “Jon”.

(Find your own mentor and the story of how I met Jon here:)

Jon taught me all about real estate:

  • Fixing
  • Buying
  • Finding
  • Renting
  • Flipping
  • Negotiating

The whole shebang.

I was buying & selling properties like a maniac.

The money flowed like a pissed-off river.

It felt like being at an exclusive island resort that had all the money-making secrets.

It was paradise.

Jon and I would drink, travel, and talk for hours on the phone.

He was the older brother I never had.

You know the feeling?

But that exclusive money-making island began to turn into a remote island with a rampant pissed-off gorilla.

Let me explain…

At the surface Jon was society’s golden boy:

  • Millions of dollars
  • Tricked out car collections
  • Homes all over the country

But you see underneath the big clean picture was a dirty surface:

  • A hair-covered potbellied.
  • A man that was 40 going on 75.
  • A receding gray hairline that was covered in wrinkles.

And underneath the hair-covered skin was a horrible person:

  • A heart attack waiting to happen.
  • A person who took his internal problems out on his chihuahua.
  • A ruthless businessman who fucked over everyone is his path.

The ugly:

By spending so much time with Jon

I began turning into a ruthless businessman who fucked over everyone in his path.

And a person who took his internal problems out on his chihuahua (I would never hurt a fly, but you get the point)

I was trapped like a fart in the shower.

I relied on Jon to keep making money and grow my business.

Here’s the problem:

“Chasing wealth at the expense of everything else costs you everything in life.”

And before I knew it Jon began screwing me over.

  • Getting ignored
  • Cut out of deals
  • Not getting paid

I looked to others for help but they were gone like your self-restraint at a candy store.

Because like Jon I screwed them over in the pursuit of cold hard cash.

Here’s the point:

Don’t get me wrong – money is cool.

But there is a better form of currency.

One that’s been around before humans could stand up straight.

What is it?

Trust – The greatest form of currency.

Where does trust come from?

  • Taking care of one another
  • Relationships built over time
  • Giving and helping for the sake of it
  • Not sacrificing everything for numbers in a bank

So what happened between Jon and I?

I cut the cord.

My income and business slowed WAY down.

But now I have:

  • Piece of mind
  • Friends all over the world
  • And I sleep well at night knowing I’m not screwing anyone over.

Yeah I’m not making AS MUCH money. . .But my internal and external worlds are balanced.


You are the summary of the 5 people you spent most of your time with.

Choose wisely.

Til next time,


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