Right now you have to do one thing.

And if you did this one thing it would make you more money…

Make you happier…

Improve your health…

Get you more clients…

But you’re not doing them.

Here’s the story…

Last month I entered a writing competition. The winner got a great side hustle for one of the largest social media agencies on the internet.

Here’s how it worked…

I wrote my balls off for one of their clients. The agency looked at the writing. Then the agency picked the best writer to win.

But there were dozens of contestants. Competition was fierce.

Now I didn’t need the spot necessarily…

…But it’s amazing side cash and another opportunity to get paid to work on my craft.

Also, I could learn from some of the best about internet marketing.

So it’s a win-win.

The agency told me I would hear the results in a week.

Well, a week passed by and I didn’t hear anything.

I figured I didn’t make it and was a little letdown.

So to blow off some steam I took a long walk to get my girlfriend a hairdryer.

But after I got the hairdryer it started to rain.

And something bizarre happened.

I felt a HUGE raindrop smack me on the head. I thought it was weird how one raindrop could pack so much force. So I put my hand on my head…

Only to realize my head was COVERED in bird poo.

I got disgusted.

Even worse was that I was 20 minutes away from the apartment soaking wet in the rain.

My head, shirt, and now my hand were a mess.

This freaking bird must’ve been a gosh darn California Condor with the amount of bird dung that was on me.

I had nothing to wipe my hand off on.

I was so angry I went into full-blown-angry orangutangon mode. I wiped the bird poop off everything in sight…

Building walls Garbage cans. And of course the hairdryer box.

No use. That shit was stuck to me like honey on a badger.

I became angry!

When I got home-mid shower…

My phone buzzed with a text message.

I peeked out of the shower mid-scrub to see the message.

“You’re in dude, you’re writing is amazing.”

, I forgot about the bird poo fiasco and got a big smile.

I replied with a picture of the bird poo on my head and said:

“I guess bird shit is good luck.” (LOL)

Anyway, I know what you’re thinking Reader…

Why am I telling you this?

I’m not saying you should go outside welcoming birds to poop on you for the sake of luck or making money.

There’s a more important lesson underneath…

You see it took me 2 years of writing every day to get this point.

And in those 2 years hundreds if not thousands of failures.

There were so many mornings where I had zero opportunity…

And laid awake all night questioning what the hell I was doing.

Only to come out the other side to getting more wins as time goes on.

So here’s a quote from a friend of mine to teach you this important lesson:

“The luckiest people I know have worked hard for decades” – Justin Welsh.

Here’s the deal:

You know you have to write every day. And if you do it will give you the results you want.

The more you write the better you get…it’s that simple.

And when everyone quits when the market sucks or the algorithm takes a bird dump…

Keep working on your craft. Perfect it and get those reps in. Because soon people will reach out to you and offer to pay you lots of money for your skills.

When the fog clears you’ll be the one who dominates competitions (without any bird poop).

That’s all I got for today.

Catch ya on the flip side, Parker “bird poop luck” Worth.

PS I’m opening the doors again to the community in 2 weeks.

If you’re interested reply “yo”


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