Last week I was on a Brazilian beach with my Brazilian girlfriend…

When something very Brazilian happened…

What was it?

…A bizarre display of genius appeared in front of me.

It was so bizarre that I spit out my s3x on the beach (the drink you pervert!)…

You see what’s bizarre about Brazilian beaches is that in the blazing mid-summer heat…

…Men drag around carts FULL OF CORN looking to make a quick buck.

That’s right.

They’re on the beach selling corn…

And why they’re selling corn and not booze or ice cream is beyond me…

Anyway, most of these beach-dwelling corn slingers spend the whole day working their butts off and competing with each other to sell fcking corn…



…But one of these corn dealers wasn’t dragging a cart around.

This corn dealer had a bizarre genius trick up his sleeve that had people going to him.

In fact, he had a line around his cart…

And this trick made me buy fcking corn on a hot summer day at the beach! NOT ICE CREAM.

The trick?

Buckle up, because things are about to get weird…

…He named his cart “Mihlo do Batman” or “corn of Batman” in English (LOL).

This genius corn dealer dressed himself in a Batman suit and attached the fcking Batman symbol to a pole on his cart.

Crazy right?

Guess again…

Here’s the effin’ genius behind this trick…

He borrowed Batman’s credibility. You could see him dressed as Batman a mile away. You didn’t care what he was selling. You had to see why the hell Batman was on the beach.

The Batman corn dealer was creative, kids love Batman too. The kids had to see why Batman was on the beach.

So what does this have to do with you?

Well for starters…

You don’t have to write about Batman online. But you can write about your favorite:


So when people are scrolling…

…They notice the familiar person and engage with the post…

Your post.

So do this:

Write down a list of your favorite:


And write stories about them.

That’s how you get attention!

Catch ya on the flip side,



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It’s a freaking game-changer.