What if someone turns off the internet forever?

Imagine that…

What would you do?

How would your life change?

Would you be able to call your family?

Would society go into collapse and regress to the dark ages?

Don’t worry there’s good news…

The point of these questions isn’t to scare you with some fear-based marketing scheme…

No no…

It’s not even about cyber security or off-grid living.

The point of these questions is to teach you a powerful story lesson to come up with creative ideas (fast).

You see most of my subscribers struggle to find ideas.

But the best way to find a unique idea that’s fun to write about is the “What If?” trick. Steven King coined the term.

See how I used it above?

What if someone turns off the internet? So many ideas come to life by just asking this simple question.

Here are some other fun ones…

What if your dog could talk?

What if you had 100,000 followers?

What if Mark Zuckerberg was a lizard in disguise?

What if Rick (​from Rick & Morty​) turned himself into a pickle?

My task for you Reader is to take 10 minutes today and write a what-if story.

The “What If?” trick is a great way to dust off the old writing cobwebs, have some fun, and loosen up those writing muscles.

Send me the story…I’ll give it some feedback.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Parker “What if I was a pickle?” Worth ​

PS​ ​ I’m opening the doors to the community on February 19th.

That’s in one week! Got any questions? Let me know.


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