Yo Reader,

Joe Rogan, Andrew Huberman, Tim Ferriss, and I are all sitting together.

All on the edge of our seats.

Sweat trickled down our foreheads like we were in a volcano.

We waited for the presenter to announce who won the People’s Podcast of the Year award for 2023.

The presenter unseals the silver envelope.

I start shaking from the mixture of fear, excitement, anxiety, and the 11 margheritas I drank.

The presenter clears his throat.

“And the winner for the People’s Podcast of the Year for 2023 is…

Parker Worth!!”

The crowd erupts.

Rainbow confetti explodes in every direction.

Roars of cheers, claps, and whistles fill up the glamorous auditorium.

“Me, Parker Worth – podcast winner?!”

I’m in disbelief.

I manage to stand up with sweat shivering off me and start my walk to the stage.

Rogan winks at me in admiration.

Huberman salutes me 2 aisles down.

I climb the stairs in my ultra-deluxe tuxedo and shake the presenter’s hand.

He wipes the sweat from my hand on his pants (my bad dude).

And gives me the gold microphone-shaped accolade.

I confidently whip out my script, ready to unleash my thanks to the world.

I begin to raise my voice and then…


The stunning marble-etched auditorium roof has been replaced with the creaky wooden fan on my bedroom ceiling.

I’m dazed and confused like a drunk hobo waking up on a train.

It was… it was all just a dream?

No podcast of the year award?

No glamorous night to remember?

No Joe Rogan admiring me?

You know those dreams where you wake up and feel disappointment run through your veins because it wasn’t real?

Yeah, this was one of them.

Or at least I felt this way at the time.

Because 3 years ago Reader,

The whole podcast hustle got a hold of me like a gold rush in the 1800s.

I Watched Youtube videos.

I bought all the fancy equipment and high-priced courses.

And figured I could just sit there… ask people questions… and get buckets of cash poured into my bank account like a top 1% only fans girl.

But after a while… I ended up just failing.

Cause it was just another shiny object that came my way and I got hypnotized by the allure of it all.

And when the dopamine withered away, I no longer had any drive to do it.

In reality, it didn’t align with my true WHY in life.


Writing stories to be specific.

With a podcast, I was just chasing some shiny object I thought I wanted.

I’d daydream about shooting the shit with big-time players like Seth Godin and Alex Hormozi…

And relishing in an audience that’d be hooked from start to finish.

But it was just some quick money-chasing fantasy.

It wasn’t until I sat my ass down and began what I was GOOD at (writing stories) that I started to quickly build an audience who gave a shit.

Who ACTUALLY engaged.

Something where I could finally unleash my creative side that had been desperate to poke its head out for so damn long.

And it was like a new dream had come true. But one that aligned with who I was.

And now?

I’m traveling the world and getting paid.

Now just writing stories may not be your inner WHY in life…

Hell, maybe being a podcaster IS your thing.

But you need to be able to write stories that grab attention so you can build an audience that will ACTUALLY listen to you.

So they’ll eventually buy from you.

If you can’t, you’ll just float around like another average content creator in a sea of sameness.

This is why young writing palawan… I wanna help you out.

July 27th, I’m officially opening the gates to teaching you EXACTLY how to write ridiculously good stories that will blow your readers away faster than a tornado hitting a Kleenex factory.

All in my new digital storytelling course on how to grow your audience – the right way.

If you struggle with knowing how to tell stories, this is a launch I don’t want you to miss out on, Reader.

Click here to hop on the waitlist.

I’m MEGA excited for when this drops!

‘Til next time,

Your friend, Parker.


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