You’re born into a world where superpowers are as common as smartphones.

Some can fly, others can turn invisible, and then there’s you…

With the ability to conjure anything—as long as it’s worth a dollar or less.


Yep, you’re the proud owner of what’s unanimously voted “The Most Useless Power of the Year”, every year.

Feel the burn yet?

Imagine the snickers, the eye rolls, the “Here comes Mr. Dollar Store” comments.

You’re the punchline of every joke, the superhero world’s equivalent of a party trick gone wrong.

Every time a crisis happens all you can do is summon a paper clip or a rubberband.


Until one day, everything changes.

You see, while everyone else was busy showing off, you realized something crucial:

It’s not about what you have…

…it’s about how you use it.

Suddenly, paper clips turn into tools for unlocking doors.

Rubber bands become makeshift slingshots.

A single match lights up a room in a blackout.

You’re MacGyver in a cape, turning the boring into the bonafide magnificent.

Here’s the deal Reader,

You’re not the underdog.

How you turn your limitations into the superpowers…

…is the secret ingredient for any viral story.

Because less really is more.

If you can learn to write about your flaws and show how those flaws are actually gifts…

…The internet will love you.

And I’ve shown 100s of people how to do that.

So if you’re ready to find the strength in your flaws and write them in a way that makes people beg for more…

…Sign up for the Story System V2 waitlist…

In a world saturated with content, standing out isn’t about doing what everyone else is doing…

It’s about finding your special angle. It’s your dollar-store superpower. You use it to craft stories. These stories captivate, engage, and, yes, even educate your audience.

Catch ya soon,



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