And that punch in the nuts made me more money faster than ever…

As I’ve said before I hired Ian Stanley as a mentor a few months back.

So business has never been better.

And my writing has never been better.

But Ian tore me apart on our last call for “being a dumbbass”

I felt confused.

I felt hurt.

It felt like a punch to my mental nuts.

But I learned a powerful lesson that’s made my life and business a lot better.

What was it?

I told Ian how I was sending dozens of cold emails daily to yoga studios, coffee shops, and electric companies.

The goal was to target service-based businesses and write some sexy emails for them.

But I wasn’t getting any responses.

The emails were fuego…

I was consistent…

But I didn’t even hear a cricket. Even with follow-ups.

And that’s when Ian called me a dumbass.

You see, Ians became a millionaire many times over. And he told me his success secret.

So lean in closely because I’ll whisper the powerful secret (I don’t want anyone else to hear it)…

He’s lazy.

That’s right.

He told me I was a dumbbass because I was working hard on the wrong things.

And hard work on the wrong things is…

…well dumb.

I was trying to write for clients who I didn’t care about.

I didn’t want to write for yoga studios, coffee shops, or electric companies…

So even if I did sign them, would it give me energy?

Of course not.

So Ian told me to think of my business 80/20.

Which 20% of my business gives me 80% of my income.

The funny answer?

Fitness influencers.

I write for a few fitness influencers on social media and emails.

So why wasn’t I targeting them?

My point for you Reader…

Sometimes you gotta be lazy.

So that you can work ON THE RIGHT THINGS.

Instead of chasing your tail in circles like I did.

Hope that helps and lets you see the big picture.

Catch ya on the flip side,



Here’s a video of my favorite authors Mark Manson and Cal Newport talking about…

Drum roll please….

How to get more work done by working less.

Worth the watch…


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