March 03, 2022 7:03am Rio De Janeiro

I smelled like a bar.

My skin was paler than a ghost in winter.

And I was strapped to a guy that didn’t speak English.

Was the nauseous feeling in my stomach from the alcohol-fueled bender the night before?

Or the fact that I was strapped to a stranger about to parasail off the ledge of death?

I thought to myself:

“How’d I get into this mess?”

It was the most exciting and terrifying time of my life.

I scanned around me to see who would be the cliff’s next victim. . . until I felt a slap on my ass.

Before I could react to the mysterious bottom tap,

I realized the next victim. . was me.

The stranger I was strapped to started running.

He hollered like a maniac:

“Correr, Correr, Correr!”(FYI Correr is run in Portuguese)

Panic hit me like a brick through a window.


I tried to respond with a:


But it was too late,

My body went limp,

And my soul exited my body (I may have urinated). . .

But before I tell you if I wet myself or not, let me explain how I got into this situation:

2 days before the jump, March 01, 2022.

I was on a plane bound for Brazil.

Even though I was on vacation,

I had a problem. . . I hated my job.

And I knew after the vacation I would go back to the job I hated.

I dreamed about the jungles & beaches of South America.

However, there was this funny feeling in my belly, like two butterflies boxing.

I had a bigger dream, starting my own business and living in South America permanently.

The sad part?

My biggest fear was . . .leaving my job.

Have you felt that way?

I made a huge mistake. . .

I chased money with 60-80 hour work weeks.

The mistake that cost me 10 years of my life (so you won’t have to):

I sacrificed the inner world to have a better outer world.

I felt empty, alone, and anxious.

I wasn’t learning at my job, my inner journey was stuck like a bird in a gold cage.

If I wanted freedom from employment I had to start a business.

Here’s the deal:

Humans have 2 journeys.

The inner and the outer.

Most people don’t understand this.

They spend their lives trying to master the outer world,

But forget about the inner world.

Starting your business is:



-And provides the purest form of self-education.

And 99% of us are afraid to take a leap.

So I forced myself to take a leap so dangerous it created a pivotal shift in my inner world.

So back to the cliff, jump. . .

Limp like a zombie, my mind, and body had no idea wtf was going on. . .


It hit me like a brick through a window.

-The smell of the ocean

-The feeling of the wind

-The taste of the salty air

-The sight of the mountains

-And the feeling of release. . .

Release from the fear of jumping off a cliff.

Something else hit me.

A seagull? No.

*SMASH* (Lots of broken windows sorry)

An inner release. . .

If I could jump off a cliff,

I could quit my job and start a business.

Which was more dangerous?

Come on Einstein, you know the answer.

Let me break it down for you:

“What you fear most is often what you need most, and everything you want is on the other side of fear” – Tim Ferriss

The fear of uncertainty holds us back from completing our inner journey.

Like the hero of a story, we need a flawed inner transformation to feel fulfilled.

Forgetting this, the outer journey will drag us wherever fate desires.

Now I live on the beach and write stories for a living…

…I couldn’t be happier.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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