One of the unexpected advantages I had when I started my biz actually started as a disaster.

Because of one dangerous man.

Who is Mr.Dangerous?

Elon Musk.

When Elon Musk bought X and gave it a makeover…

…It left me in the corner of my room in the fetal position…

Sucking on my thumb like a big tattooed baby.

You see I wasn’t the only one helpless in the fetal position…

…A lot of my friends were too.

I recently quit my job and went all in on my business.

My business relied on traffic and marketing only from X (formerly Twitter)…

The first few months were great.

Going all in let me average +5,000 new followers a month and earn thousands.

Until Elon slap me across the face and put me in time out.

The algorithm changed.

The market changed.

Suddenly what worked the day before, was now a disaster…

It horrified me and destroyed my business overnight.

And somewhere between crying on the inside and thinking about begging to get my job back…

…Something dawned on me.

What was it?

“Just focus on growing on one social media platform” is great advice right?


One day, the algorithm will change and it’ll ruin your growth and business just like mine.

My buddy had a mult-million dollar business run on Facebook.

When I complained about the X algorithm he told me this:

“If your business is based off one social media platform, expect to wake up and see your revenue cut in half”


So here’ s the deal…

The powerful lesson is that the internet is a much bigger place than X.

For example:

Facebook has 3,000,000,000 users and LinkedIn has 1,000,000,000 users.

X has 500,000,000 it’s a small island in the ocean that is the internet.

So instead of selling storytelling for X…

…I had to adapt.

I realized that storytelling is powerful for all aspects of digital marketing

-Video scripts
-Spoken stories
-Email marketing
-Social media writing
-Paid advertising and well so much more…

And when I saw the big picture…

I copied and pasted my content onto other platforms…

Elon Musk wiping his @$$ with X did not affect my business.

My point?

Relying on one platfrom is a one way ticket to a living horror movie.

You build your baby for a year only to watch it get thrown in the dumpster.

And no one wants that!

But what if you put the baby on multiple platforms?

The chaos on one platform drives traffic to the other platforms and presto…

Your growing from the disorder.

But simply copying and pasting all of my X content onto LinkedIn I’ve gained another 17,000 followers (and more customers)…

While Elon remodels X.

So think today:

How can I make my content work for me?

That answer will give you leverage. And save you from dangerous people.

Catch ya soon,

Parker “I’m not a baby anymore” Worth


My hero Mark Manson got his phone stolen too.

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