Yo Reader,

There’s nothing like the smell of coffee breath barking orders at you, especially smelling it every morning, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, for 40 years.

You check Instagram in between tasks, watching tan 19-year-olds flex how much money they make.

They travel to exotic places, get plastered in a pool next to the beach, and have wild orgies under the tropical moonlight.

You look out your crusty office window and FOMO hits like you a brick. . .ouch.

Why the fear of missing out?

Because you need income to support yourself, your family and pay bills. But without a job, how?

You think to yourself:

“If these drunk 19-year-olds can get paid and have endless freedom, why can’t I?”

You’re a machine and you have the work ethic of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You kick your no-nonsense-minotaur senses into overdrive!

No more messing around!

You start buying online courses, hiring consultants, and coaches.

You binge on Doritos all night, forcing yourself to learn as fast as possible.

The teenage sales funnels make you buy more: exclusive content, workshops, and e-books.

Six months later, you’re burnt out, have an empty bank account, and you’re overweight from Dorito benders.

You feel like a failure.

A victim to your own drive.

A sacrifice to the internet gods.

It’s an empty feeling, like starving your soul for a hip 28-day water fast.

And what’s worse than that empty feeling?

The feeling of giving up.

All those hours and dollars… wasted.

This is where I make a confession.

That Dorito-loving-Arnold-Schwarzenegger-failure… that was me. I

If you’ve dreamed of making money online to travel whenever and wherever, but have failed for years… then we’re in the same boat.

However, 7 months ago something changed…

A pivotal quantum shift – Jupiter aligned with Saturn and spit down a ray of hope onto my dust-covered laptop.

One thread created a supercharged momentum.

That momentum was so powerful, I’m now getting paid to write.

That thread was my personal story:

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Parker Worth ⚡️

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Twitter Logo
April 8th 2023

After posting this, my life changed. Fast forward to today and I’ve:

  • Quit my job
  • Moved to South America
  • Built a following of 18,000+
  • Get paid to write, consult, coach, & present

The goal of this email is to inspire you to do the same.

Understand: I posted 15 personal story threads before this puppy hit the jackpot.

You’re going to have to say your story in 100 different ways.

Think of it like this:

I was (x) now I’m (y), here’s everything in between. . .

Then shuffle it up,

I was (x) now I’m (y), here are the:

  • 10 mistakes I made
  • 10 lessons I learned
  • 10 Resources I used
  • 10 tips that changed everything
  • 7 accounts that helped me changed

The list goes on and on. . .

People are wired for change. We are addicted to change like rats on cheese.

When someone reads your first sentence, and notices a big change, I was (x) now I’m (y)they keep diving in for more.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and share your story. It’ll change your life.

Hope this helps,


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