Today you’re gonna hear an audience-building idea from heaven – it’ll help you build a tribe of raving fans.

The story starts with pao de queijo.

Or, if you don’t know Portuguese, that’s cheesy bread puffs.

Every morning in Brazil I do buy some.

It’s the kind of addiction you don’t go to rehab for.


…Everytime I ordered pao de queijo the staff would burst into laughter.

I was clueless.

That sinking feeling kicked in…

…when you’re embarrassed but don’t know why.

Until my friend joined me one day.

And she laughed her ass off.


My friend told me I was making a HUGE mistake.


I was pronouncing “pao” like “POW”…

…Which in Portuguese translates to dick.


…Everyday for 5 months at cafes all over Brazil I was asking for:

“Dick of cheese”

Instead of “bread of cheese”

It hit me like a boomerang to the face…


Your audience is a mirror showing you your mistakes.

Just as my embarrassing order was mirrored by cafe giggles, your followers will always show you what works and what’s a trainwreck.

Their feedback, whether through comments, analytics, likes, retweets, or direct messages, is a mirror of the impact of your storytelling.

But there’s a catch:

Like how I ignored the signals from the staff, many creators ignore the signals from their audience, continuing to put out content without trying to iterate.

It’s a huge missed opportunity because your audience is trying to tell you what they want…

How they feel…

And what you need to create.


In the world of digital storytelling, knowing your audience isn’t just beneficial, it’s essential.

The next time you publish, don’t just look at numbers.

Dive deep into the feedback.

Because when you truly understand and respond to your audience, your story doesn’t just reach them…

It resonates. It impacts. It transforms.

How else can you get to know your audience and write stories that move them to buy?

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