The best writing tip I’ve ever heard came from Abraham Lincoln.

But we need to cut the crap for a second…

…Because you’ve been lied too.

You see, good ol’ Honest Abe…

…Wasn’t so honest at all.

Yes you read that right Reader..

And I’ll explain how his lies were actually a good thing….

But first a quick story…

Turns out being a president during a civil war kinda sucks.

Could you imagine?

The country splits right down the center, brothers killing brothers, no end in sight…

But here’s Abe’s dirty little secret:

When Abe was knee deep in Civil War, he fired off orders to his generals like a madman…

What’s worse?

Abe didn’t even think about what he wrote.

He’d just send it like a monkey going to space.

Only to be ignored…

Sound familiar?

Obviously not the Civil war part…

Because you and I…

…and today’s millionaires, tech moguls, and CEOs face the same ghosting on the internet. No matter what your status is. No matter how many posts you publish…

If you send emails, tweets, and articles that can’t persuade you’ll get ghosted. Boooooo.

It sucks right? WRONG!

Let me show you how posting tons of random shyte on the internet will REVERSE your progress…

…by digging into Abe’s lies…

Instead of losing his cool, Abe would rage on paper.

Abe wrote evil replies to his generals and angry drafts threatening his generals lives. Full on dictator stuff.

But here’s the plot twist…

Abe never sent the angry letters to his generals. He would leave the angry letters in his desk.

The man needed to vent.

It was therapeutic…

…Like screaming into a pillow (except more ink and less drool)

So when Abe cleared his mind. Then he was able to think of generals and their problems first.

Abe lied to the generals about how he felt…

Instead Abe would write something persuasive, something that actually got his generals to march to his orders…

It freaking worked.

How come?

By thinking of his generals first Abe was able to master persuasive writing.

Now I know what you’re thinking Reader…

Why am I dragging a history lesson into your inbox?


You’re in your own war. And you’re losing. Not with cannons and horses…

But with the content you post online…

Social media, emails, and articles are a battlefield for attention.

And if you can’t hack it?

Well you might as well lose the war…and suck on your thumb begging for mama.

But there’s good news…

You can learn to think of your audience the way Abe thought of his generals.

You can know your audiences problems and desires better than they know themselves..

…And this news will put you in the top 1% of persuasive writers in 90 days.

With only 15 minutes of writing a day.

Too good to be true?

Guess again.

Because CopyHour has helped over +3000 students…

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But there are billions of people on the internet.

And less than .01% of them will EVER hit 1000 followers.

What’s worse?

Less than .001% will ever earn a dollar on the internet. So…

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Catch ya soon,

Parker “angry unsent letters” Worth.


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