Imagine this:

You’ve traded the urban jungle’s honking horns for a slice of beachfront heaven.

Sounds freaking amazing, right?

Every morning, you’re sipping your coffee (or whiskey, I don’t judge) while the world’s best ocean view plays out before you.

But wait…what’s that shit?

In the heart of your ‘perfect’ morning view stands the grand blue monstrosity:

A porter potty…

…Yeah, no shit (LOL).

And as if that wasn’t enough of a kick in the teeth.

Instead of the soothing whispers of waves, your mornings are now scored by the delightful symphony of:





Sorry I forgot to mention…

…This wasn’t just a random bad dream.

This was my reality at the Airbnb I had booked for 3 whole months.

But here’s the kicker – along with the beachy paradise.

A shiny new drainage system was being installed.

No heads up, no apologies.

Just a few miles of beach turning into a construction zone.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

It’s time to give that Airbnb host a stern talking-to.

No more messing around.

And for a hot second, I manicly thought of what horrible things to message the host.

“Listen here wise guy, what kind of SCAM are you running here, I outta feed ya to the fishies (in a thick Italian-New Yorker accent of course).”

But then the light bulb lit up – life’s messy.

And sometimes, that mess isn’t just a learning experience.

It’s entertaining as hell.

So here’s the deal:

Perfect vacations are great for Instagram.

But it’s the:


-The unexpected turns.

-The “you-can’t-make-this-shit-up”.

Moments that we remember and laugh about later.

They’re the stories that remind us of our own ridiculous humanity.

How do you find them?

Write in your journal the best and worst things that happened to you each day.

It’s that easy.

Stay classy,


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Got a hilariously disastrous vacation tale?

Shoot it over.

I promise not to laugh too hard.

And hey, if you’re lucky, I might just share it next time.