Tropical paradise?

More like a bug-infested nightmare.

Look Reader I love living on the beach…

…But the bugs here aren’t just annoying.

They’re evil.

Some of the bugs are neon colored freaks others have 20+ legs…

…But I swear they all have a taste for human blood.

In fact, 9 months ago one of those suckers gave me dengue fever.

I still get chills thinking about that hospital trip.

Anyway this email isn’t an insect guide…

It’s about the batsh!t crazy evening I had yesterday…

I was brushing my teeth until…

A kamikaze cockroach flew onto the mirror right in front of me.

I spit my toothpaste out like a pissed dragon at the dentist.

I grabbed a towel and started whipping it around to destroy this home invader.

But things went from bad to horror movie real fast..

Ready for this?

Pull up a chair because this cockroach showdown gets WILD.

Ol’ roachie pulled a fast one and slipped into my hygiene bag.

That’s right.

The same bag I keep my toothbrush floss razors toothpaste and Q-tips.

Not only did this son of b!tch break into my house and ruin my sanity…

…This cockroach spread the plague on the very things that keep me clean.

This meant war…

With the hygiene bag on the floor I wound up tension on the towel…

And watched the evil being race around my hygiene bag.

I waited for Ol’ Roachie to peak it’s head of the bag while I waited to smack it’s head off executioner style…

…As soon as it peaked it’s head out…

…My girlfriend opened the bathroom door.

And she was horrified.

From the cockroach?

No, from the bathroom being destroyed from my bling towel slashing rage…

…So now the cockroach framed me?

And made me look like shyt in front of my GF?

Enough is enough.

I flipped the bag to expose the foul beast…

…and to my girlfriends delight Ol’ roachzilla sprinted towards her.

And in typical Brazilian fashion my girlfriend pulled out her nuclear missile (which is really her sandal) and tried to slay the foul beast…

But Roachie got away.

My girlfriend and I armed ourselves…

…Sandals, a towel, and a can of raid in our hands we went to war.

Flipping over toilet paper, cleaner, and everything in the bathroom.

But when Ol’roachie exposed himself…

…A blast to the face from the raid can did nothing…

…it was useless.

Until something odd happened.

It seemed as if Ol’ roachie waved the white flag.

He creeped out into the middle of the bathroom…

…And my girlfriend smashed it.

The end for now…

So what the h3ll was the point of this story?

The point is I didn’t share how I solved the cockroach problem (until the end).

I just kept adding new problems. But never solved the big one.

I left the solution to the story unanswered.

And that’s how you never fail at telling stories..

Because people love to read about the struggle.

So if you’re writing:

Blog posts
Longforms or threads…

…This is the one trick to use to catch and hold attention.

People want the solution…

…The brain demands it.

So delay the answer and bring up new problems.

Simple but effective.

Catch ya soon.

Parker “roach slayer” Worth


I’m loving this My First Million Podcast episode with Tim Ferriss.

Speaking of which, Sam Parr (One of the hosts above) replied to my comment (Sam and I spoke 17 months ago)

The best purchase I’ve made for under $100:

This laptop stand because it’s saved my neck