How you do anything is how you do everything.

Maybe you’ve heard that saying before.

Maybe you haven’t.

Either way, it’s a powerful statement.

But how do you implement it into your daily life?

This email will solve that problem…

But first, let’s do an exercise…

You need to know your end goal. Without it, you’re going to lose motivation. This end goal is your lifeline to getting whatever the frick you want.

So imagine this:

You have 100,000 followers.

Now think:

How will 100,000 followers change your life?

What will 100,000 followers give you? Freedom?

Do you travel where you want and work when you want?

Do you have more time with your kids and loved ones?

Do you have the respect you’ve always wanted?

How does this result feel?

What does this result look like?

Who is with you when you get this result?

You see Reader, without this picture of the end you’re set to fail.

Here’s why:

Because James Clear lied to you…

Habits AREN’T enough. You need obsession over this end goal.

You have to picture it, taste it, feel it, but most of all ACT on it.

As Tony Robbins says:

“Knowledge without action is poverty, but knowledge with action is power”

And the only way you’re going to keep taking action through failure is with obsession.

Now that you have the picture it’s time to act.

Here’s how:

The easiest way to get more out of life:

1) Subtract

Find the little things that are stealing your time and focus.

-Late nights
-Adorable panda videos

I worked 60-70 hour weeks while growing my audience. I had to squeak out every minute I could to write.

I had to give up drinking and dating.

And the funny thing?

By giving up dating I got my end goal.

The end goal of working where I want when I want helped me meet my girlfriend.

See what happens when you sacrifice the short term for the long term?

The secret way to improve your writing fast:

2) The day of creation.

Sundays were my only day off.

So instead of acting like a drunken ape the night before…

I went to bed early. It worked (who knew?).

On this holy day of creating I would do nothing but write.

No phone, TV, football, gym…

Only writing.

The cool part was that I was able to write better and faster every week.

I’d schedule my content for the week and all I’d have to do was comment.

Simple and easy.

But here’s what to never do when growing an audience:

3) Get stuck in the content grind.

The most common problem my coaching clients face is not having the time to write.

And I get it…

Kids, work, errands, shit get in the way.

So here’s the simple fix…

Reuse you’re freaking content.

See what works.

Save it. And reschedule it.

Don’t work for your content make your content work for you.

When I started reusing my content I was able to save time and see the big picture.

And that’s when the money came in.

Catch ya on the flipside,