One of the best parts about traveling is you realize how important different cultures are…

Especially when it comes to creating content your audience loves to read.

Let me explain why…

Something strange happens when you travel.

You see that people from different cultures have different values.


Here’s the deal:

3 months ago, I went to a movie theatre in the good ol’ US of A.

The theatre was a ghost town.

My friend and I had the entire room to ourselves.

It was amazing to be alone in our own theatre.

Fast forward to yesterday at the Brazilian cinema…

The theatre was PACKED!

•The screen resolution reminded me of a 1990’s VHS tape.
•The air was filled with a mothball smell like a grandparent’s basement.
•The sound was so loud it hurt your ears like the devil was stabbing them (ouch).

Check this out:

The movie’s language wasn’t in Portuguese.

Portuguese-speaking Brazilians paid to sit and watch a movie in a language 90% of them don’t speak.

Americans would riot over that.

But get this:

The Brazilian people were hyper-engaged.


See the contrast?

Some cultures rather have experiences alone.

While others rather engage and have a community.

I know what you’re thinking Reader…

Parker – What’s the lesson here?

Knowing your audience is the key to resonating content.

Just like moviegoers have different ways of engaging with films…

Your audience has different ways of engaging with content.

So how do you know your audience better than they know themselves?


Here’s a quick win for you:

Go to Facebook.

Join groups in your niche.

Search the group’s content with:

“How do I?”

“I need help with”

“I have a problem”

This gives you a peak into your audience’s minds.

Write your content so it solves the problems your audience has.

This will not only create engaging content – your audience will love you for it.

Catch ya soon,



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