99% of creators will face imitation at some point.

This email will make sure you’re prepared (and respond in a way that makes you more successful)…

Imagine this:

You’re a kid again.

You’re at the school playground.

It’s recess time.

The smell of fresh air is relaxing.

The sound of kids screaming and playing surrounds you.

You see the busy playground and run around with joy.


What are those?

You have none.

…Until little Steven approaches you.

And Steven does something that pisses you off.

Steven copies everything you say.


“STOP COPYING ME” – He mocks you.


“QUIT IT, STEVEN, SERIOUSLY!” – He taunts, mirroring you.

You clench your fists and turn red.

And assh0le Steven does the same thing…

…So you do what any smart kid would do in this situation…

You hoist Steven by his undies up the flagpole, right? Nope.

You tell on Steven…

And the teacher puts Steven in time-out.

The sad part?

Fast forward to today, and the playground is social media (minus the fresh air). But there’s still a ton of copycat Steven’s running around…

What’s even worse?

You can’t give the copycat Steven’s on social media a wedgie or tell the teacher…

They steal your content, your business models, your writing, and use it for themselves.

I know the feeling it happens to me too…

I once caught a big-shot creator (think 100k+ followers) ripping off my lead magnet. They tweaked one word in the title.

It made me so angry.

But if this is happening to you Reader…

Then congratulations.

What congratulations?

Recognizing copycats as a sign you’ve made it offers a sense of achievement.

But if you ignore it and get emotional…

…You risk destroying your unique voice and brand identity.

It’s easy to get pissed off when people copy and paste your sh!t.

I still do.

So here’s the truth about handling online copycats:

(Hint: confronting them directly isn’t always the best strategy)

The more copycats and haters you get…

…the further you’ve climbed the ladder.

It’s common sense but it’s easy to forget.

Each time you’re copied is another badge of success.

Keep a swipe file of all the copies…

…And look at it often.

Let this email be a reminder. It’s to motivate you. Trolls, copycats, and thieves actually love you.

And deep down are jealous of your good looks and hustle.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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Have you been copied recently? Let me know…