Last week, I submitted an email story to a contest hosted by multimillionaire email extraordinaire Ian Stanley. The results were surprising…

There were 100s of submissions and my email being selected was nearly impossible.

Here’s the twist:

Ian didn’t just review my email. HE LOVED IT.

So how’d I pull it off?

You see…one fancy day I got an email saying Ian will review 3 emails for free as part of a contest (he charges +$1500 per email).

My knees started shaking from the excitement. Then dozens of questions hit my brain:

-Which email do I submit?

-How do I compete with 100s of others?

-Will Ian destroy my story in front of the internet?

Therefore I did what any crafty storyteller would do…

…I picked a story email that was risky.


Let me explain…

…If you’ve been reading my email, you know I sent an email about how I accidently ordered dick cheese instead of cheese bread for the past 5 months in Brazil (you can read it here). And that’s the email I submitted to the contest.

But I knew that sending this email to the competition would be DANGEROUS to me, my reputation, and my business.

I got a nervous feeling in my belly.

You know – the feeling you get on your first day of school, the first day at a new job, or when you’re about to fart in line at a grocery store.

The feeling of vulnerability.

And that’s where the lesson kicks in…

…the more vulnerable you feel before sharing your story, the more you need to share that story.


Because vulnerability means there is emotion involved. And people are moved by emotion – not logic.


…Here’s what Ian said about my risky email :

“I don’t compliment or say nice things about other people’s emails when I read them. But this is a great story and it’s funny. The subject line captured my attention and the call to action was great.”

So what’re you waiting for?

Post those vulnerable stories online, send those vulnerable emails, and reach out to people…

…because you’ll never know who will answer.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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