Do you worry that your stories won’t resonate or stick with your audience?

You’re not alone. And here’s how to fix it…

The biggest mistake new writers make when writing stories is having more than one lesson.

And trust me I get it…

I have 1000s of rough drafts that are the value equal of a pile of horse poo. Gross right?

Why? Because when I write my brain starts running fast.

And I’m talking Usain Bolt style. Different ideas start dripping outta my ears like they’re trying to escape prison. My mind races. Leaving my scribbling hand in the dust.

Maybe it’s the caffeine. Maybe it’s a case of undiagnosed ADHD. Or maybe it’s just fcking normal…

The truth is most writers (even the veterans) struggle with this problem.

You try to fit too many ideas in one story or piece of content.

You write about how your boss is a d!ck, how you have to sit in traffic, and that bizarre incident involving your partner and a blow up doll.(Ok maybe not the blow up doll part but you get the deal)…

The point is…

That many problems need different solutions. So when you write about a lot of problems in the same story, the many solutions lead to a sad result…

The result?

A pile of unused drafts.

Even worse? If you don’t scrap those drafts and hit publish…

You’ll be putting horse poo on the busy sidewalks that is your reader’s feed or inbox. And what happens to horse poo on a busy sidewalk? Well it gets tossed in the trash. AKA “unfollowed” or “unsubscribed” (insert sad face)…

But don’t worry Reader…

There is a simple solution…

And the solution is so simple it might as well be sitting on your face like a mustache…

When you’re gearing up to write that killer story, focus on the single lesson or insight you want your reader to walk away with. Forget about the narrative for a moment. Zone in on that one key takeaway.

That way you get the big idea across and you give your reader that good ol’ hit of dopamine.

Simple? Absolutely. Effective? H3ll yes.

Keep on keeping on,



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