And he got an azzload of sales and leads…

…Even better?

It was on X.

X is known for being the hardest platform to grow on…

…What’s crazier is that my client is in the one of the most crowded markets online:


Here’s the deal…

…There’s literally thousands of health and fitness coaches. And they all go after the same target. Busy CEOs and entrepreneurs.


Because that target has money.

The problem is that the market’s with the most money are the most competitive. It’s a gosh darn red ocean full of sharks tearing apart the little fishies trying to make a buck.


So how did my client get 7,777 followers in a month and an azzload of clients on one of the hardest platforms to grow on?

And how did he get a metric crapload of sales in a market full of steroid induced blood thirsty sharks?

Simple but not easy…

I studied my clients’ competition.

And I focused on one thing that makes any business thrive no matter how competitive the market place is…


It’s how you stand out and connect with customers.

My client is almost 50 years old. I found out his competition (other fitness coaches) are 1/2 his age. So in one sentence I positioned him away from the crowd.

“Fitness tips I know approaching 50”

The results?

3.5 million views. 100s of DMs. Sales. And 3,000 new followers from one post.

That’s the power of positioning.

I get these results for clients because I research their markets. And I study their competition.

But here’s the truth:

It only takes me one hour to research every competitor.

And guess what?

I actually recorded how I would position myself in a crowded market if I started my biz from scratch.

…A market I know nothing about.

Hair care (LOL).

You can find the video and position your brand, business, or your clients to stand out in a crowded market here:

>>>Know your market better than it knows itself (in less than an hour)

Catch ya soon



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