Time for a story you probably won’t read.

It’s too long. Too personal. Too sad. Too happy.

It involves a man. A thief. And a powerful lesson.

I don’t expect many people to read this. I wrote it more for myself than anything else.

Here’s what happened…

I moved to a new neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

So I went for a late-night walk to explore.

Then I got a video call from my girlfriend and her Mom…

…When something magical happened.


Look Reader, I’ve struggled to hold a conversation in Portuguese for over 2 years.

So this conversation made me feel like I could take over the world


Because I talked to my girlfriend and her Mom in Portuguese.

I understood everything!

We had so much fun.

It was one of the happiest moments of my life. The moment was full of love and laughter.

You can’t beat that shit.

Until shit HIT THE FAN.

Two men on a motorcycle sped up on the sidewalk. Knocked me over. And stole my phone.

Before I realized what happened they were gone.

I screamed every four-letter word in the dictionary, but those words fell into the darkness.

Then I sprinted to my apartment (which was 30 minutes away.) I opened my laptop to see TONS of PayPal notifications in my email. I denied every transaction and changed my Google and PayPal passwords.

I contacted T-Mobile to cancel my line…

But their dumbass AI chatbot wouldn’t let me log in because “I didn’t have the SMS code”. Which I couldn’t get because I didn’t have a phone (funny how AI technology is so smart – until it isn’t.)

I felt anger, fear, anxiety, and frustration wrapped up into a ball of RAGE.

Next, I used WhatsApp to tell my GF I was safe. After I called my parents and told them to call T-Mobile to cancel the line. It worked.

But things got worse…

My computer turned to Spanish and my WhatsApp call kept getting cut off.

Then my computer went black.

There I sat alone in a country I didn’t know…

No phone. No computer.

And if the thieves got to my bank account the bank would turn off my cards.

So I didn’t know if I had money either.

I felt so embarrassed. How could I have been so dumb?

But this nightmare was one of the best things that happened to me. It made me realize how fragile life was.

Anyone can take away anything in minutes.

Your business, your safety, and worst of all your loved ones.

After 6 hours my computer did a hard reboot. I called my girlfriend and when I saw the tears in her eyes it hurt. They thought someone may have killed me.

And the last thing they saw was the thieves’ eyes.

But now our connection has never been stronger.

And after that, I slowly put together the pieces of everything I lost.

I spent all night getting the apps back, my contacts, and checking my bank accounts.

I only lost my phone.

I didn’t get shot. And I had a ton of support from my following.

I realized that even without a phone or laptop…

How much others cared about me. It felt amazing.

The lesson is that…

The easiest way to snap out of a bad moment is to be grateful.

If you made it this far Reader, send a message to someone and tell them how grateful you are for their existence.

Because the only thing that matters is the relationships you have with people.

When you die you live on by the stories people tell about you. So make them count.

We are nothing without each other.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Parker “new phone” Worth.