3 days ago I was eating a cheeseburger.

I realized something so powerful that I almost choked.

Here’s the idea that almost took my life (imagine getting killed by a cheeseburger?)…

…that will make you a better storyteller.

You see whenever you order a cheeseburger…

Sometimes you see fancy buns like pretzel, sourdough, or whole wheat…

But none of that matters.

Because where the flavor and savor lies is in between those buns…

The meat, cheese, bacon, and sauces.

That’s where the action happens that satisfies your hunger.

Am I right? OF COURSE I AM!


Stories work the same way as a cheeseburger. This might sound crazy, but it’s not.

You see Reader, the beginning and end of a story are like the buns.

They’re necessary to hold the burger together…

But what happens in the middle of the story? The flawed change is what satisfies the reader’s brain.

That’s why on social media the hook reads:

“I was a bad thing”

“Now I’m a great thing”

Here’s everything I learned in between…

Works so well and often goes viral…

People love flawed transformations…


Because flawed transformations are relatable.

It shows the readers that they can achieve what you’ve achieved.

Because your journey wasn’t perfect.

So next time you go to write a story and struggle to organize the flow…

Just write at the top of your page the beginning and the end…

Then list all the struggles that happened between.

Because that’s the savory burger that people are starving for online.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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What’s your favorite type of cheeseburger?

Reply and let me know