The best part about writing for other people is getting paid to learn from them.

Here’s the deal…

Business has been slapping the bass lately.

But there’s been a huge problem.

I had too much on my plate.


-Social media
-And funnel building…

It’s safe to say I was spread a little thin. As my client told me I was an entrepreneur at level 1. Stuck.

Now this client isn’t your normal person. He’s an 8 figure investor. Big shot. I’m talking perfect hair and a swanky suit. On our most recent call, he told me something that shocked me like a toaster in a tub.

It shocked me so much that I texted a friend about it who replied:

“That’s f*cking genius”

Now before I tell you what this big shot told me. I have to warn you.

It’s powerful and if put into the wrong hands it could mean a new world order (jk).


Because this is the secret to go from 1 to 10,000,000.

Are you ready for this Reader?

It’s called the “FY-RY-RY-RY technique”

And it works miracles…

Here’s how…

…When you Find Yourself, Repeating Yourself, Record Yourself, Replace Yourself. So I took one day to use this technique. And it worked wonders.

I screen-recorded everything I did that day.

From customer service to replies…and I was surprised.

I spent so much time on non-creative tasks. Things that didn’t give me energy. Things that stole my energy.

Want to know something even cooler?

With this fancy new technology called AI…I transcribed everything I did. Had ChatGPT turn the transcripts into step-by-step bullet points. Then slapped it into a Google Doc.

I then went to Upwork and hired a virtual assistant.

And just like that I replaced everything that didn’t grow my business or allow me to be creative.

So if you struggle to find time and balance the crazy world that is online business…

Find Yourself Repeating Yourself Record Yourself Replace Yourself.

You’ll thank me later.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Parker “FYRYRYRY” Worth.


Have you ever had something stolen from you that altered your life?

Reply I’d love to chat about it.


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