After helping A LOT of creators launch courses and products…

…I’ve realized most of them tend to make a lot of the same mistakes.

I know I used to.

In fact, there were many times I thought I was doing the right thing…only to find out I was making the situation A LOT worse!

Below are some of the biggie mistakes…

Make sure you aren’t doing them (or you’ll waste a lot of time and money):

1.) No pre-sell strategy.
2.) Zero market research.
3.) Not using content marketing.
4.) Forgetting to build product hype.
5.) Ignoring beta testing and feedback.
6.) Overpaying for recording and editing.
7.) Forgetting user experience in the product.

And there are A LOT more, of course.

But to make sure you never commit mistakes like this and help you have the massive launch YOU DESERVE…

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Catch ya on the flip side,